CONGRATS TO ALL OF OUR FOOLS, and 2K Champions, Emily Caffee Frantz & Gardner Yost! Big shout-out of thanks and gratitude to photographer Ryan Kennerly!

  • Contact him at rskybiz@gmail.com if you’d like to purchase a high-resolution file of one of his many awesome images below. The files he has a much better quality than shown here.



Below you will find our event photographer, Ryan Kennerly’s special edition edits on the shots he snapped above at the 2019 Fools Fest Sprints. Some are in black and white, some have different crops, and there are a few new ones altogether. Have a look!

  • If any of you are interested in purchasing one of these photos as a high-resolution image suitable for print or web usage without pixelation or lossy compression, please contact Ryan Kennerly at: rskybiz@gmail.com