This is not your ordinary regatta. At Fools Fest Sprints we believe that fierce competition can be fun. Our goal is to combine the best of both worlds. That's why we're offering some serious racing along with some fun events so you can choose the level you want to roll at. We know only fools do 2Ks, but everyone loves a good time.

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who we are

We are a group of rowers from Chicago who believe that competition is fun. We love to race, and we love to laugh, so we decided to host an erg event that offers both. Our commitment is to create a fun event, with fierce but friendly competition. And beer. 

have a question?

We want to hear from you. Being competitive and having a laugh are not mutually exclusive. Our aim is to create an erg event that offers the best of both. If you have any questions about the event races, party, or just an idea you want to share, please contact us. 



PXM CrossFit
5757 N Ridge Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660

Saturday, April 6th, Noon-6 pm


• Fools Fest Sprints is NOT a sanctioned Concept2 Event because it takes place after The WIRC, World Indoor Rowing Championship event in Long Beach, CA.

• All race times recorded at Fools Fest Sprints DO count as official Concept 2 race scores and are recorded and submitted to Concept 2 for their official records.